There was a period of time when music gave people the ability to just meditate …that was the era of new age.

There’s lots of new age musicians out there, so much that I can’t even list them now. But presumably, there’s one new-age person that’s better than the rest…Enya , no doubt about it.

She’s actually Irish, and I don’t know where she is today (Sorry :-O) She was Ireland’s best-selling solo artist, and she was named the globe’s best-selling female artist of 2001. She’s Ireland’s 2nd-largest musical export (after the band U2). Her work has earned her 4 Grammys and an Academy Award nomination. She has performed in 10 different languages in her career.

Enya at the premiere of the 2001 film “Sweet November”.

If you ever get to listen to this woman, I feel good for you. 🙂