Presumably, there was one chunk of movies where everything was put scientifically…that was the chunk of science fiction. And there was one sci-fi movie that topped the others like the whipped cream to an ice-cream sundae…that movie was Avatar. Avatar; everything in it was perfect. I kinda felt emotional at parts, and I was like “Hey, this is how it feels like to be in the Na’vi.” Then I found out: SIGOURNEY WEAVER + AVATAR = LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!

I recognized Sigourney from Vantage Point (I haven’t seen the movie), and I was like “LOL”.

I saw it in IMAX 3D, and once I told that to my friends, they were like swarming me like I was friggin Brad Pitt or somethin. I saw in the newspaper: Avatar. 3-5 stars! I was like “WHAT THE FRIGG?!” Avatar was simply amazing, and they vote 3 stars out of 5? I found out the purpose was that the technology. THE TECHNOLOGY!! Yeah you heard me right. I was like “What the frigg? The technology was awesome!” Whoever did that, they should get out and leave.

The film…based in 2154? LOLOLOL!! We would all be like, friggin dead! That’s like, a ton of centuries away from now. LOL!

But still, Avatar is the whipped cream of the sundae, and there’s no doubt about it. Unless a movie is better…Nah.