Oh jeez Justin Bieber. AKA the most failing musician of all time. He sucks wiener as much as I suck a lollipop before biting into it. I don’t know if you’ve seen Justin Bieber, but see him…if you’re a total retard over music. Justin, this kid, misrepresented the era of pop music of what it would actually be like.

He has like friggin 79 million views from his “One Time” music video. Oh, really? Are you gonna like waste your time commenting on some dude with no talent? Just watching him made me hurl! (Not for real.)

Everything in that video had me speechless. Everything in that video was as wrong as an overcooked chicken. And by the way, why was Usher there? He barely even had a part in the video. I thought Usher was kinda better. But otherwise, everything was like FAIL! Get outta here!

When I get elected, I’m gonna cast Justin Bieber into exile (Otherwise, “I’m gonna make Justin Bieber leave the country.”) for the rest of his friggin career!

And if you listen to Justin Bieber, and LIKE it. No! Like, that’s not happening! You just don’t have a good taste of music! Friggin get the frigg outta here!

Yeah, so Justin Bieber sucks wiener. So, umm…I’m out of wacky rant puns, so I’ll talk to y’all later.