By now, you should know some cool upbeat song called “Axel F” by this frog, right? Well I’m a certain fan of him too for his downright gangsta remidition of the slick classical “U Can’t Touch This”…for nothing can touch it. The Crazy Frog is his name; nonsense in lyrics is his game. His origin was actually in Gothenburg, Sweden (LOL to all Swedish), and “Axel F” was da number one in the U.K., Ireland, Turkey, New Zealand, Australia, and a mostly fair chunk of Europe. You might have some Crazy Frog merchandise, like backpacks and whatnot. And then there’s his also downright gangsta remix of Queen’s power ballad “We Are the Champions”…called it “We Are the Champions (Ding a Dang Dong)”. You’ve gotta be kidding me. Can Crazy Frog speak English? HE’S FRIKKIN SWEDISH, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!

Oh now I gotta go to bed so I’ll just call it Pt. 1, and I’ll send Pt. 2 to y’all tomorrow. Now, I gotta go take the cups upstairs downstairs because Chris needs to put em in the dishwasher.