Dear Tooth Fairy,

All I want to say is…thank you. When I looked under my banking pillow, I found one buck. When I looked under my sleeping pillow, I found two!! This has probably happened to no one else on Earth!! Three bucks from the Tooth Fairy! I was gone at Illinois, so you probably dropped by and paid me a buck for each day when I was gone. At first, I was no approval to the trip. But now, I think I should lose more teeth before day-long trips so I can earn more money! Not to be spoiled or anything, but I don’t wanna put you down. I’m just not such a good money-saver. So thanks for the cash! With your 3 bucks and my coins, I made 35 bucks and beyond (My sister Tumpale’s so jealous)! This is the top record for the amount of money I’ve ever saved! I’m RICH!!! THANK YOU TOOTH FAIRY!! THANKS SO MUCH!!!

Your pal,

Sam M. 🙂