LOL dude I was just playing a game of Pac-Man on today’s Google page. I typed in ‘pac-man’. But it came out ‘pc-mn’. Turns out my a’s hadn’t been included. I got onto the Wikipedia page for Pac-Man. I was just scrolling down, minding my business, when this picture shows up.

And the contributing description to this pic was:

“However, because of a bug in the routine that draws the fruit, the right side of the 256th level becomes a scrambled mixture of text and symbols, rendering the level impossible to pass by legitimate means. Normally, no more than seven fruits are displayed at any one time, but when the internal level counter (stored in a single byte) reaches 255, the subroutine erroneously causes this value to “roll over” to zero before drawing the fruit. This causes the routine to attempt to draw 256 fruits, which corrupts the bottom of the screen and the whole right half of the maze with seemingly random symbols.”

I thought someone was playing Pac-Man with a VIRUS! So if you ever get to the 256th level of Pac-Man, BEWARE. Because a software bug is waiting to invade the right-hand side of that level.



p.s. If you refuse to take my advice, then don’t come crying to me when you comment. I only got 3. I want more!