Hey guys it’s Samuel Mwak, yep he’s back! So I just got back in school, and I was really encouraged. That’s because the entire 3rd grade got to see the movie Oceans. If you know the movie Earth, then you HAVE to know about this movie. They are both simple documentaries about animals’ habitats and stuff from Disney Nature. I really liked the dolphins because they kept on soaring in and out of the water. And I really enjoyed the animals I call “super-animals” because they react in the snap of a finger. One animal goes by thinking “He won’t suspect a thing…”…BAM! Down that poor guy goes. And the narrator was Pierce Brosnan (you know the guy who played James Bond in a few films) and he just owned the movie! He really gave us juicy information that was so juicy that if it were a burger, we would be sinking our teeth into it automatically. And I really felt pangs in my heart, especially when the scuba diver swims with the great white shark. I mean I thought the shark would eat him down to the flippers. But that’s really appreciative for the shark to do. It’s what I call “affection”. And maybe I’ll see Earth one day…you never know.

Here is the poster to Oceans:

And the poster to Earth: