Hey it’s Sam blogging to you on the morning of June 5. I feel depressed because it’s the last day of school. You may expect summer to be like a bird out of its cage. But if you say that, you don’t understand to have a 3rd grade teacher like Mrs. Van Antwerp.

She has guided me through everything since Sept. 2009. Okay, SO we chat a lot. But she is still proud. Even though she calls us “impulsive”, I still enjoy her. Even though she is busy working, we still have a right to proud of what we have done. Even though she works nonstop, and pays hundreds of dollars out of HER wallet for us, she still believes we can do it. That’s what I call a teacher who pushes themselves beyond their limits. And she has pushed herself farther than what most people bargain for. I will never forget you Mrs. Van Antwerp. Thank you. Oh and I promise to bring back the cushion seat in the fall!



p.s. r u happy or sad that school iz owt? post ur response in ur comments! đŸ™‚