Hey guys it’s Sam! So I just got a Google Reader account and was frantically looking through all the Fails of the Fail Blogs (Of course I skipped the videos). That’s when I was inspired, “Hey, why don’t I make fails of my own?” So that’s why I’m here. So the blog only features 2 fails, but I promise I’ll make more.

So here is one:

What’re they talking about? What’re you thinking to cuss to children like those two! (SooYoung and YuRi from Girls’ Generation, the video is Unstoppable Marriage ep 30 SooRi Cut 12 17 07 part 2 (en))

And here’s the other one:

Man that guy drank more water than required. And did u seriously have 2 to poop on the water? 😦

So that’s all for this fail blog. Later guys.

Keep a fail in your heart,


p.s. If you wanna find out how I made those fails, let me inform you. For fail 1, I just got the right moment for me, and then I hit print screen. I pasted it into Paint and carefully cut out the video frame.I copied it then pasted it into another Paint. I circled where the main Fail was in red, and I got the fail thing from the Homework Fail. There was ‘FAIL’ in big red letters, and that really delighted me, because white letters are suckish anyway 😡 So, using the Free-Form Select, I carefully carved out the word, and pasted it into the Paint where the video frame was. And you call it a fail.

The next fail was just a goofy picture I found when I typed in ‘poop’. I just pasted the ‘FAIL’ right in the picture.