Hey guys  it’s Sam again. And guess what? A new MK game is coming out. It’s called Mortal Kombat 9. Yeah, so I’m a fan of MK as well, but Chris (my older brother…by 15 years >:() And guess what? MK9 is totally free of “poop”, like Chris and my older sister, Tumpale (by 6 years) would always say. They said right when 3-D hit, it was poopier and poopier. Just like what they said with Saw. Saw 1 is good…Saw 2 is…eh, Saw 3 and forthward is just poopy, poopy, and more poopy. And then Chris showed us the video…

What I found out:

The Living Forest arena is back.

There are Super Bars and Super Moves (just like in Street Fighter).

X-Ray Moves debut in this game (And let me tell u, they do not look pretty. Would uppercuts to the jaw (probably breaking it anyway), and punches to the unmentionables (THIS IS BAD IF UR A GUY), and let’s not forget the kicks to the back (probably breaking spines). Would those look pretty?).

Their fatalities…dear God.

The most disgusting one was Kung Lao’s, which was even more gross than Scorpion’s, where he sliced you at waist level, then at neck level, then kicked you square in the chest. All the body parts that you sliced at would fly everywhere, but then like out of nowhere, he sliced the head into half. And then there’s Kung. He would kick you to the ground. Then he would put is hat on the ground (a few sparks would be made, since this bad boy is razor sharp). Then he would grab his victim by the feet…and in they went. He would raise the two sliced body parts in victory. It was even more disgusting than Kung’s MK2 fatality, which was practically the same thing except he just sliced you in half, no sweat. So when this comes out…expect all that I listed down.