That’s right. Mom was even a witness. This is Sammwak, and I want to tell you the dreaded story of how I got orange juice up my nose. You want to know how this happened? It was one Sunday night (well not really nighttime, nighttime, like frikkin pitch-black nighttime, but you see my point)…Dad was busy with his usual prayer (9:00-10:00 p.m.) down in the basement. We just came back from a party celebrating a graduation from high school. I had spaghetti and sauce, but there was barely much orange juice left. Mom told me to drink what it had and I did so. But I guess it had such a big opening that the juice must have forgot about my lip and went right into my nose. I set the jug of juice down and ran to the bathroom. I tore off a piece of toilet paper and blew my nose like I would blow it to get out snot. I blew and blew till I was sure that juice was gone. I ended up drinking limeade for my dinner drink, and I’ve never tried it. But let me tell you, it tastes pretty good.


p.s. Have you ever gotten something in your nose that WASN’T snot? Respond in your comments.