Yep. I just witnessed it a few minutes ago, along with Tumpale, Erick, Chris, Dad, Mom, and my friends Benny and Jerry’s parents. Guess what happened? It was just a game between Ghana and Australia. I think a Ghanan  guy tried to score from like a foot away, and guess what? Some Australian bozo showed up out of nowhere and stuck out his hand and blocked the ball. Well not really his hand, because that was balled up into a fist. Well let’s just say it hit his wrist and bounced off. That was the worst thing you could ever do in soccer. And it totally deplies of one of the major soccer rules: NO…HANDS…ALLOWED. Well whatev, it could have bounced off of any part of his arm, getting him a dreaded…RED CARD. He probably should’ve gotten 2 yellow cards already cuz 2 yellows = 1 red. 1 red = off the field for poor playing.


Oh and p.s. Have u seen any soccer downfalls? Respond in your comments!