Hey it’s Sam and I really need your help in this blog. I’m trusting in you. Can you give me comments motivating me to beat Tumpale’s score in 3D Pinball? Because, I used to be the pinball champion with me and my old score at like 1 million 25 thousand something. But when Tumpale stepped in, she dominated my score by a few thousand points with 1 million 45 thousand something and now SHE’S the champion. I try to beat her score, but I fail miserably. I only show up a few thousand points behind, but then that’s when I drop from millions to thousands. I guess I haven’t played 3D Pinball in a long time, so I think my quality’s starting to decrease. And the thing is that I made the controls, and that’s the way people gonna play. So Tumpale’s gonna beat my score using the controls that I made? But with the motivation of YOU guys out there, I think it’s enough luck to outdo Tumpale’s score. And look on the bright side…I didn’t outdo her score YET, but now she’s off the score list because off how many times I’ve desperately tried to beat her score.

With all due respect,


WHAT: Pinball motivation (send me comments like ‘I feel sorry for you. You can do it!’ or ‘I salute your hard work and if you don’t succeed keep trying!’ [Please don’t copy these] not downhearting comments like ‘Ha ha! I bet ur sister can get an even higher score!’ or ‘Why r u even trying?’ [That’ll just make me not want to outdo Tumpale at all. And don’t even dare to copy these either]

WHERE: Your computer! Where else? 😛

WHEN: Anytime you can smuggle in some time to read my blog!

HOW: (See ‘WHAT’)

I really depend on you. Just because it’s the first day of summer (I’m actually blogging at midnight, so it’s the second day :I) does not mean you can’t beat the heat with some old-fashioned space cadet pinball. And if you can well…I stand corrected. 😦 Just give me some comments!