Hey it’s Sam and I’m not here for pinball (I swear after this blog I’ll continue). I’m here for my dedication. You’re probably wondering why I’m here to talk about dedication, but I think I caused it all in the first place. Because when it was my turn for a devotion (bible studies when we pick up verses (or sometimes even one verse) that teach us lively lessons), I didn’t have anything. So Dad tried to help me out with a verse I don’t really know anymore. But then I said no to Dad’s suggestion, and went to 1 Samuel (isn’t it clever to make a book of the bible after my name? :-)), Dedications of Samuel. So then we planned a huge dedication, and it’s only 5 days away, which means it’s on June 27th. It’s being held at church, and my church has never had a dedication before. So I’m the first person ever in my church to be dedicated. Isn’t that cool? This is all I know about the dedication so far:

2 of my friend’s parents (Josephine and Robert Kagumba) are my mentors.

Uncle Mwitula and wife are my baptism parents.

Everybody related to me will be there…even Eneke, my 2nd and oldest 22-year old sister. (Well, I’m not sure if every relative in Africa will be there.)

But then there’s the dreading question, “What does dedication mean to you?”/”What does it mean to be dedicated?” I responded at first, “Well it’s really honoring to be dedicated by tons of people. This has never happened to our family in our lives, so it’s just really honoring.”…I didn’t even answer the question. 😡 And now Tumpale (my 1st and younger 15-year old sister)’s teasing me for this. But then last night, Dad sat by my side and gave me the correct answer: “Dedication means getting called upon God spiritually and praising him for all that he has done for me through my life.”…Well, that’s what I think it is. But still, it’s real exciting to be honored by so many people!

Good luck,

Sam 🙂

p.s. Have u ever been dedicated? Respond in ur comments!