Hey it’s Sam and I have some very wacky moments in space cadet pinball. You know the game that Tumpale’s the grand champion in? Here’s the first moment, I like to call this ‘In and Out’: the pinball kept on going into the wormhole. I mean it would go in, go out, hit an attack bumper and go back in. It went out, hit a bumper and went back in. This repeated a few times, and it kept on giving me more points! Isn’t that radical? Oh, and here’s a tip: If you’re a skilled space cadet pinball player like me, you can whack the ball (with one of the bottom flippers) so it will soar all the way up into the wormhole. I’ve done this a couple of times. This is the second moment, I like to call this ‘The Accelerating Pinball’: It would be that I was gaming so hard that the ball would truly soar down the playfield and down between the flippers. That thing was like a caribou; so fast you can barely see it. This is the third moment, ‘The Magic Pinball’: The ball would be battling against the flippers like it was World War III. And then the ball would disappear and reappear in the area where it hasn’t even touched the flipper yet. This would rather be called ‘The Teleporting Pinball’, but it’s kind of magical for it to disappear and reappear somewhere else, so I called it ‘The Magic Pinball’. This is the fourth moment, called ‘Wormhole to Wormhole’: So my pinball would go into the wormhole, and then pop out the second wormhole. Then when I put the pinball into THAT wormhole, it fell out the other. Isn’t that strange? :O

So that’s all for this blog.