Hey it’s Sam again. And do you know AddictingGames? It’s my favorite game site, and I go there often to relax with some games. I came across one called Galactic Gravity Golf, and I played it. There were 36 levels, and I got through all of them. I got a few hole in ones (especially in Levels 35 and 36), and 1 below pars and stuff. And you’ll never guess what my final score was…27, 196, 571 (27 million 196 thousand and 571) points. And of course, that had to be a gold trophy. And yet it was. All the other ones were 4 million, 6 million, 8 million, 10 million, 12 million, 14 million, 16 million, 18 million, and 20 million. But no one touched 27 million. And can YOU beat my score of 27, 196, 571? Play the game now at: http://www.addictinggames.com/galacticgravitygolf.html

With all due respect,


p.s. If you’re a professional golfer, then I expect no sweat.