Hey it’s Sam and it’s June 27…the day of my dedication! It was really honoring to be greeted by so many people that took time off their busy schedules to join us. I don’t have an exact number, but who cares? Anyway, I think I may have struck the big time. And not in fame. Mr. Koka (the Kokas are one of our family friends) handed me an envelope. I tore it open (I’m not really good when it comes to opening envelopes), and you’ll never guess what was inside. It wasn’t a card (I actually believed there would be one). It was a check…for FITTY BUCKS!!! Yes I mean 5, 0! How can I not expect $50 as a good present? This was the best gift of my life! And I already have $24, so merge that with the $35 that I have…24 + 35 = 59! I have 59 bucks already (well, I don’t have my $35, but you see my point)! And 59 + 50 = 109! Talk about big bucks! Dad has it right now, and I bet he’s taking good care of it.

Well, if you wanna contact me get me in my cash-covered heaven. (Well, not really heaven, but…ah why am I explaining this?)


p.s. Yes, I meant I struck the big time in CASH.

p.p.s. Have u ever gotten a check, especially for a big amount of money? Respond in ur comments!