Hey it’s Sam and just recently, me and my sister Tumpale are having a war against which console is better: the remote controller-only seventh generation home console, the Nintendo Wii, or the seventh-generation era successor of the Xbox, the Xbox 360. I chipped onto the Wii’s side and said that you can’t play X360 games on the Wii. But Tumpale on the other half, went on the X360’s side and said that it was easier to use the Xbox and it’s gonna be a whole lot better soon. I have to admit, she did have a point. Touche, as they say in Spanish. (Ole? :P) But I’m not giving up yet. So like the pinball thingy, I’m going to give you some time to vote which console is better: Wii or the X360. So start sending in some votes!

p.s. Play on the things in person to get real with your votes.