Hey guys it’s Sam again and guess WHAT?!?! TODAY’S THE FOURTH OF JULY!!! Now, my 4th didn’t start off so well, because when we were at church (yes, SUNDAY July 4th), Tumpale angrily told me to sit next to Erick just because she didn’t like him. Now that is not what I call “independence”. Soon, I was getting tired of her and took a seat next to Erick just to stop this mumbo jumbo. But then, Mom dragged me over to her right side, so we’re even Tumpale! Ha! But the yelling got me so much, I started weeping…in front of CHILDREN!!!! I would never weep in public, let alone a church. So I’m kind of mad at Tumpale for this. But I hope it’ll get better soon…hopefully.

Sammwak, just another weblog of awesomeness. Signing out, wishing all a happy fourth.