Hey it’s Sam and I feel totally dissed right now. You know why? Well, first of all, do you know that 2010 rom com (romantic comedy) called Valentine’s Day? Well, when you think of it, it’s like a documentary through a day in the life of love…kind of. Well, everyone knows that Valentine’s Day is on the 14th of February, but guess what? The rom com actually released on the 12th! Now in my opinion, that’s just wrong. How can you make a movie about Valentine’s Day when you release it 2 days before the actual day? I’d like to talk to the “date organizer” of the movie, because they don’t know who they’re trying to diss off…the 3-commented blogger (I know, a very poor amount). Because if it were released on the 14th, people would show that they love people by inviting them to watch Valentine’s Day with them. But if you don’t do that…things start going south. So, note to all of those filmmakers: If you want to put a date for your movie, put it right. Because soon things will get ugly…very ugly.