Hey it’s Sam and I found out something totally awesome. It was just last night, at like 1 in the morning, when Erick expressed to me that not only does he work for Nike (no lie :D), but he also works for POPE BENEDICT XVI!!! And I’m not kidding this is serious chiz. That guy’s like 83 years old already. How did he start working for the Pope? Well, of course you figured that this guy’s old. He can’t do a lot of things in old age, so he takes some Catholics who are also Jesuits (yeah, you got dat right, my cousin’s Jesuit) to assist him. It’s like Jesus and his disciples…kind of. He could have chosen any Catholic-Jesuit in the globe, and he chose a chunk of them including my very own cousin. Isn’t that gnarly? If your cheeks redden with envy, they should be. If not, well…DOES ANY OF YOUR FAMILY TREE WORK FOR ANYONE IMPORTANT?!?! HUH! HUH! If you want to know more about Pope Benedict XVI, click here (Pope Benedict XVI, red due to already clicking on it, sorry :() If you want to know more about any other Popes, well choose which one:

And maybe when you’re done researching, maybe it’s possible to lend me a few info on the Pope Benedicts in the comments box down there…just saying πŸ™‚



p.s. To y’all who don’t speak Italian, that means “goodbye” πŸ˜€

oh and p.p.s. If you want to know why Pope Benedict X (10) is missing, it’s because he’s an antipope. And you can find out about all the antipopes right here:

I hope you likey πŸ˜€