No it’s not my b-day…it’s my bestest of da best friend NICK’s b-day! Hey it’s Sam, and I’ve probably been blogging about myself. No other human. Well, it’s time to express a second human at last. My bestest of da best friend Nick Gerhard is having his birthday in 2 days. Yes, it’s on the 16th. So I want you guys to read about our everlasting friendship:

  • We’ve been friends ever since the first grade.
  • He was in every single class that I was in…well, until the third grade. Fourth grade is unknown.
  • He would hug me every time he saw me…I think.
  • We would embark on amazing detective adventures each day at recess.
  • I would  stick up for him when he was troubled…right?
  • He always had something to say to me.
  • He was never mean….eh.
  • We always made cool comics together…BTW, you’re an amazing artist, no lie!
  • He didn’t want to be separated from me most of the time.

And that’s all I can think of. So I want you guys to do something for me and Nick:


All you need to do is go to, go to ‘Leave a Comment’ down there, and just go crazy. Comment as much as you want. I’m not gonna stop you. I’m way over here, blogging this stuff in the first place! And name and email address are REQUIRED before you can comment. Just saying.

So, I’ll give you only ONE DAY to do this before Nick’s b-day! I’ll write the best down and the day after Nick’s awesome party, I’ll post who made it into Nick’s heart!

BTW, we’re hitting Mattawan if you were curious where we were heading to party.

One day guys. One day. Make it your best.

With all due respect,


This has been Sammwak, just another weblog of awesomeness. Peace and love. Signing out.