Hey guys, it’s me again! By now, you should probably know a little comedy on Nickelodeon called Big Time Rush. If not, then…GET TO NICK.COM, CLICK ON BIG TIME RUSH, AND CATCH UP ON THEIR EPISODES!!! Trust me…they’re there. Anyway, if you already DO know BTR, and have seen every episode so far, you must have been introduced to their songs. Well, those videos are just from the show. These are the REAL videos in the flesh! I’ll show you each one of them, and then come back to me and comment away on how it was like when you’re finished! (And no dilly-dallying. :()

Here’s the video to “Any Kind of Guy” (from BigTimeRushVevo, debuted in “Big Time Love Song”):

The video to the exclusive BTS (behind the scenes) footage of the making of “Any Kind of Guy” (from BigTimeRushVevo…didn’t debut anywhere)

The video to “Halfway There” (from BigTimeRushVevo, debuted in “Big Time Demos”):

The video to “Famous” (from BigTimeRushVevo, actually debuted in “Big Time Audition”)

And that’s all I have.