Hey guy’s it’s me Sam! So, since some bozo unplugged the volume last night, Erick plugged it back in but the volume sounds all wrong. So that’s kind of screwy. Anyways, you a fan of iCarly? Well, I am. What? It’s not just for girls. Well, iCarly is entering Season 4 and it’s really exciting. So I’ll tell you the titles of the episodes planned:

(Premiere) iGot a Hot Room – It’s Carly’s birthday! And Spencer has decided to make a gummy bear table lamp to put in her room. But her best birthday ever…goes down in flames. That’s right. Carly’s room is burned down thanks to the table lamp. And Spencer, Sam, Freddie, Gibby, and others are planning to make Carly’s worst day ever the surprise of her lifetime. (July 30)


Spencer’s gonna be getting a haircut from Gibby’s grandpa…Gibby’s blind grandpa (gulp!)

Carly is hired to work at the Groovy Smoothie.

Sam offers for Carly to stay at her house due to having no bedroom.

Spencer gets paid 82,000 big ones (dollars) because of a family heirloom that was burnt along with Carly’s room. (So jealous >:()

Dane Cook may make an appearance in this episode due to a Dane Cook lookalike in the script.

Freddie continues to speak Spanish, and Sam also speaks a new language: Italian.

Carly’s bedroom is shown at last.

Sam’s house debuts in this episode, having only her room shown in iFight Shelby Marx.

iDo – Gordon Birch, a middle-American man in his late twenties wants to propose to girlfriend Jodi Flooger on iCarly. Jodi accepts, and Gordon decides to sing a song that he wrote for her. But Gordon doesn’t sing, and even ends up running offstage. A hurt Jodi gets attracted to Spencer and decides she wants to marry him. Can Carly, Sam, and Freddie change Jodi’s mind before the marriage documents are signed?

iSell Penny Tees – Freddie hasn’t been making enough cash selling behind-the-scenes videos of Carly and Sam to support his Pear tech toy habit, so he has to recruit the three to make cash another way…Freddie’s gonna be selling penny-tees made by Socko’s friend.

iSam’s Mom – I don’t know the info to this episode, but Sam’s mom debuts in this episode. She’s played by Jane Lynch, who appears in Glee.


Sam 🙂