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Hey guys it’s me, Sam Mwak again! Sorry, I’m not importing into Despicablog Mode right now, but you know how at the end of my last Despicablog, when I said in my P.S. that I was “FIRIN MAH LAZERRR”? Well that actually references to a really popular Youtube sensation. Not Fred, not Nigahiga, not Shane Dawson…but SHOOP DA WHOOP (shoop-da-woop). The main quoting of Shoop da Whoop is “Imma firin mah lazer!” before he shoops his whoop. Here are the main steps to shooping a whoop:

You have to charge your lazer (saying, “IMMA CHARGING MAH LAZER!!!”)

You have to fire it (saying, “IMMA FIRIN MAH LAZER!!!”)

You have to shoop your whoop. (saying, “SHOOP DA WHOOP!!!”)

But there are some disadvantages of shooping a whoop…you can fall victim to the deadly TACO. This is the only thing that can deflect a shooped whoop. It will return to the shooper’s mouth, and the shooper will say, “I SWALLOWED MAH LAZER!!!”

Pretty simple. Go to Youtube, search up ‘shoop da whoop’, and cover yourself.