Hey it’s Sam and I just got back from the movie theats. Guess what movie I watched?…

DESPICABLE ME?!?! HOW’D YOU KNOW?!!? Oh right…it’s in the title of the blog. Shoot. Anyways, welcome to THE DESPICABLOG! Where I chat about everything Despicable Me. Anyways, I watched it with my two sisters, Eneke and Tumpale (Eneke’s older by 17 years? :O). You wanna know how we got ready? Well, here’s some exclusive footage on how we got ready:

Step 1: We hit the Dollar Store so we could buy candy to take with us to eat in the theater. This may be silly to just show up with candy in our hands, but we bagged it and Eneke hid it inside her purse…her BIG purse.

Step 2: We drove to the store, but we had to run inside due to little time left before the movie began. We bought our tickets and rushed inside.

Step 3: We managed to catch a glimpse of the new movie Tron, as well as the trailer for Nanny McPhee Returns before the movie began

Step 4: We saw the movie! What else?

Step 5: We exited the theater and took the closest exit possible (well, of course we trashed all our trash right?), but complained about the hot temperature in Eneke’s car. It was so hot, I couldn’t even buckle my seatbelt. But I managed to and we drove home…only to believe that the house was abandoned, and we were stuck in the car as Eneke phoned Dad. It was proven that Erick was the only one there, and we got the door opened by him.

So…new Despicablog coming soon!

Get plenty of energy, and see a Freeze Ray-nbow before your eyes…Despicablog is soon to return.

This has been Sam Mwak, imported into Despicablog Mode…now exporting. Come back soon.

p.s. I just wanted to tell you guys that uh…


O o


O o