Hey it’s Sam and I’m obsessed with this channel on Youtube called thecomputernerd01. I visit that place, like, every day to see if any new videos came out. If not, I just go back to old videos I never saw of him. His name is Josh, and luckily, he uploaded a new video today. It’s called How to Be Awesome, but I don’t get it, cause I’m already awesome! 😀 Anyways, the things you had to do to be awesome, I already knew how to do, which makes me even AWESOMER!!! Anyways, at the end of the video, Josh was talking about this drum cover by one of his friends. His name is Luke, and his channel is LukeHollandDrums. He covered “Airplanes” by B.o.B. and Hayley Williams (if you like Paramore…:) I saw a little chunk of it, and it was crazy. So make sure to see those channels and videos and all.

Here’s the video for the “Airplanes” drum cover:

Here’s the video for “Airplanes”, in case you haven’t seen it:

Here’s the video for “How to be Awesome”:

Here’s the link to Josh’s channel:

Thecomputernerd01 (Sorry it’s red I told you I go there every day)

And the link to Luke’s channel:


Watch all of them and comment me on how they were like! BTW do u like Paramore?



Comment me the secret code: AWESOMENESS! l0lz 😛