Hey it’s Sam and I’m blogging at almost 6:25 AM! So yeah, Scott Pilgrim came out. And you’re probably familiar with this really popular Youtube sensation named The Annoying Orange.

Characteristics: Hazel (?) eyes, crooked orange teeth

Color: Orange

Age: Unknown

Friends: Passion Fruit

So, here are two locations for Annoying Orange to be set.

1. The creator’s channel:


2. The Annoying Orange’s channel himself:

The Annoying Orange

Find his videos and lol like crazy. Here are some specific ones that I like:

Annoying Orange: Lady Pasta

The orange meets spaghetti singing sensation Lady Pasta.

Annoying Orange vs. FRED!!!

It’s a battle of the annoyance when Annoying Orange finds himself magically transported into a wrestling ring against Youtube sensation, Fred Figglehorn.

Annoying Orange: Back to the Fruiture

To protect himself from an evil space warlord, the orange travels back in time!

Annoying Orange Super Mario

While journeying to save his damsel in distress (Peach), Mario is disrupted by Orange’s annoying ways.

So yeah, those were just part of my favorite vids. Check out the channel. Oh and btw, gimme some thumbs…I don’t got any! NYAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!