Hey guys it’s Sam again and guess what? I stayed up ALL NIGHT, no lie! I didn’t even take a shower. Lots of guests came, like the Kokas (koh-kuh), Mr. Mpesha (mmm-peh-shaa), Rhoda/Mrs. Kasambala (roh-duh, kah-sahm-bah-lah) and her youngest daughter, Marina (muh-ree-nuh), and more. I got so into the act that I ended up staying into the act all night. The only sleep I got was in the morning. I must have been so exhausted, I passed out on the couch, no lie. Oh…so that’s why I thought I hadn’t eaten breakfast. Yeah, that’s right I ate an extra bowl of Lucky Charms by accident. Yesterday (yeah, so I stayed up and passed out the day before yesterday), I went asleep at, what was it, 1 am. I was panicked because I thought the next day was Sunday, but it was actually Saturday. So today, tomorrow’s Sunday.



Today’s commenter question: Have you ever stayed UP ALL NIGHT?