Hey it’s Sam and guess what! You all know Internet sensation Fred right? If you flip back (like WAY back) that was one of my early blogs, like when I started this whole thing. Well, when you go to Fred’s channel today, it has a thing that’s kind of a contest for an iPhone 4! WHY? To celebrate the forthcoming Fred app! Well, why would you believe it’s at FRED’S channel? So, if you’re 13 or over, you may have a chance to be the owner of a new iPhone 4! Here’s some easy steps to sign into the contest:

1. Go to Fred’s channel. (Click here: Fred)

2. Click on the bar at the upper top of Fred’s channel. (It should say, ‘Stay tuned and enter to win an iPhone 4!’)

3. Sign in, using your email address! (Actually, you have to be 13 or over to do this.)

And if you ever do win, well…CONGRATS!!!

Anyways, TTYL,