Hey guys it’s Sam and guess WHAT?! I’m blogging on a MACBOOK PRO in the flesh!! You’re probably wondering, “How?” We went to a mall in Grand Rapids (Sears Mall, anyone?) that turned out to have an Apple Store, and it had a bunch of Apple Inc gadgets. The iPhone 4, the iTouch, the iPad, you name it, it was there. And guess what was also there? A MACBOOK PRO!!! (Well, MacBook Pros, actually.) And after learning that anything here is touchable, here I am now, blogging on a MacBook…Pro. I also got a glimpse of Fruit Ninja on an iTouch. I got like 18 fruits sliced before I got a third strike. So anyways, you must be pretty jealous that your favorite blogger is doing what he does on a pro Mac! I mean, a MacBook Pro, that’s pretty legit. I mean don’t get me wrong. This baby’s 15 inches. (Yeah, so I’m blogging on a legit 15-inch MacBook Pro.) I mean, maybe I might get one of these for college. Because it offers a free iTouch if you do. Pretty awesome, right? Eneke and Chris haven’t come back yet, so I’m just stuck here with Dennis and Tumpale. I’m wondering if I am dreaming while I passed out in the car on the way here, or if I’m really touching the keys to a MacBook Pro. And if I am, well, I’ll be darned. I mean I have some checks (See The Check if your confused), so maybe we could cash them in for one of these. But wait…aren’t MacBook Pros almost a thousand dollars? (Only a cent away.) So, gulp. Anyways, I’m surrounded by people checking out Apple’s latest contraptions, like I found a guy checking out the iMac (Wait I think he works here.), and I could see a guy checking out the iPad (Wait I think he works here too).

Anyways, Eneke and Chris are here! So to pass the time, I’ll be giving you guys some facts on the MacBook Pro:

This laptop was introduced in January 10, 2006 by Apple’s co-founder, Steve Jobs at the Macworld Conference & Expo. It was first released as a 15-inch, then evolved into a 17-inch April 2006. It is 0.1 inches deeper, 0.4 inches wider, and 0.1 inches thinner than the PowerBook G4. It has a built-in iSight webcam, as well as MagSafe, a magnetic power connector that is capable of detaching easily when pulled to prevent the laptop to fall off a surface. Both of these were brought over to the MacBook.

Anyways, I don’t wanna give u 2 much to say. And this thing is not copying and pasting when I WANT it too. So that means I just typed out those facts on my own. Anyways, search up a Macbook Pro on Wikipedia and blow yourself out. There are so many games you can play on a pro MacBook, like Sims 3 (every one of them), Modern Warfare, Mini Ninjas, etc. So it’s gonna be pretty awesome whenever I have one of these to myself in the future. Because in the present, I can’t pay $999. Looks like it’s back to taking out the trash again (Ughhh :p) So to get one of these, I need a Harvard tuition to pay off one of these babies.

Today’s commenter question: Have you used a MacBook Pro, let alone owned one?

And since there are such things as restaurants in malls, we’re gonna eat out at a mall McDonald’s. Pretty epic, right? Anyways, my mind is blank on something to tell u. I feel like I’m blogging on my regular PC computer, but except this one is kind of…yeah…better. (No offense to all you Macs out there, but I don’t wanna start a controversy. Like seriously.) Anyways, I saw Tumpale, and guess what she was doing? USING AN iPOD NANO!!! Now this is seriously epic. First I tell all you that I’m blogging on a MacBook…Pro, and now my sister uses an iPod Nano? (Sigh) Okay mark my words Tumpale’s using an iMac. That thing’s bigger than her head. No seriously I compared her head to the screen of an iMac. iMac is bigger. And now I see a guy too short for his age (dwarfism, I guess) checking out an iPad. I can’t keep track of everything, so I may not be telling you all that’s happening in the Apple Store. So, I gotta go.