Hey it’s Sam and guess what? You probably know that little contraption the “iPhone” that people are REALLY into these days? Well, today (well, yesterday it’s almost 1 a.m.) at the Woodland Mall, Chris was at the Apple Store to buy a new iPhone. Why? Because Chris’s old iPhone was really screwy on him when it came to calls. So Chris bought a NEW iPhone 3G just today. And guess what I learned? Chris is getting an iPhone 4 TOMORROW and he’s passing his iPhone 3G down to Eneke. So that means, yes, Chris is buying a legit fourth-generation iPhone. I had to admit, I’m kinda jealous. But hey. Sometime in the future, when the iPhone 5 comes out, Chris will buy that, which means Eneke will get his iPhone 4, and his iPhone 3G will be passed down to ME!!! 😀 Yaay! So a year from now, I’ll be owning a precious iPhone 3G. I don’t even care if it’s too old to be recognized as “that popular contraption”. At least it’s an iPhone. Here’s a little diagram if you’re confused:

Anyways, Tumpale, looks like you’ll have to have your fingers crossed for 2012. Because you’ll be in line next for the iPhone 3G when the iPhone 6 comes out. Sorry to burst your water bottle. Just sayin 😦

Today’s fact: The iPhone 4 is available in the U.S., the U.K., France, Germany, and Japan.

Today’s commenter question: Have u tried out the iPhone 4?