Hey it’s Sam. Have you ever felt what it’s like to merge two restaurants together? Like, for instance, combine Taco Bell and Burger King, and it becomes either Taco King or Burger Bell. Or combine Culver’s with Wendy’s, and you have either Culvy’s or Wender’s. Well, I have another one for you…McDonald’s + Quizno’s = McQuizno’s…Mmm…i’m lovin’ it. You’re probably wondering, “WTF mate?” Well, Dad took me out for lunch just now, and we drove to McDonald’s. Dad ordered me a Mighty Kids Meal (as I said, Happy Meals are for sissies, click here) with a drink of Hi-C, no ice. Dad put my Meal in the passenger’s seat and gave me my drink. We kept on driving (by now I was extremely confused) to what wound up to be Quizno’s. We met up with Mr. Mwitula (mwee-too-luh) and Tumpale, who had come with us. Anyways, they wound up ordering Quizno meals while I impatiently sat and sipped my drink. Luckily, they got their orders over with…and pretty soon, I had to pray for all the food we were about to eat. So I just laid them with the shortest food prayer ever:

Come, Lord Jesus, be our guest,

And let these gifts to us be blessed.


We ate of our food, and again, like last night, all the fries were stiff. 😡 Man why is this always happening? Anyways, the nuggets I get were in 6-piece. Pfff. Easy to finish. And when I finished my drink, I called it a meal. I reached into my box and saw what toy I got…The Joker. So yeah. That was pretty much how it’s like at McQuizno’s…McDonald’s food eaten at Quizno’s. Pretty simple, eh?

So…bye. :/


Today’s commenter question: Have you eaten 6-piece Chicken Nuggets in your life?