Hey it’s Sam and you know how I’m always blabbing about my trip to Grand Rapids? Well we ate out for dinner at the closest McDonald’s. It wasn’t that long a trip to get there, and pretty soon, I was turning into a human popsicle with these blasts of cold air heading right for me. So, if there’s an air conditioning guy around here, either he wants to make us freeze to death, or he’s on a lunch break. Anyways, I ordered a Mighty Kids Meal (I figured now that Happy Meals are for sissies) with a Hi-C drink. Anyways, we all sat down and ate. I learned that Mighty Kids always had 6-piece Chicken Nuggets, never 4-piece, but I dealt with it and finished it up anyways. (You should’ve seen me at Holiday Inn. I ate a whole 10-piece!) There were pretty much no bendy fries, which really devastated me. You know, because you know those fries that are bendy like rubber bands? Like, they don’t BREAK APART when you bend them? Well, I like those ones, and the only ones I got were literally stiff, or only few bendy fries made it into my fries. When I was done, I found an extra case of fries. I offered them to anyone, neglected by everyone. So I guess it was more fries for me!  When I was done with my epic meal, I got a strawberry milkshake for my dessert…more like ice cream. Pretty much, I was taking my dessert not by straw, but by spoon. I reached into my box for my toy, and pulled out…a Littlest Pet Shop toy? Yikes. Looked like they mixed up my toy and sent my meal with a girl toy instead of a boy toy. Eneke managed to fix my problem by replacing it with a Spider-Man. Even though I already have that toy, um…two toys are better than one? Pretty soon, Tumpale was nowhere to be found. Some theories stated that the women’s bathroom was a 5-star hotel resort, and she was already asleep. But at the last second, she finally showed up right when we were about to leave. I got to bring home my milkshake/ice cream, which I spooned down in the car. So here’s a lesson: Mighty Kids Meals are alive, Happy Meals are dead. That’s all I have to say, I’m going to bed. Peace!


Today’s commenter question (Note to children/big kids): Have you ever had a Mighty Kids Meal?

Today’s fact: McDonald’s has over 31,000 locations around the globe.