Hey guys it’s Sam and this post is a main shoutout to all you Tweeters out there who like my blog. Want to show my blog on your Twitter, but you don’t know how? Well, look no further, for the Tweet Button was born! The Tweet Button was mainly made to forecast bloggers’ posts on Tweeters’ profiles for others to check out. I just added it, so don’t go extremely haywire on me. That’s what we call “fail whale”. Anyways, just search up one of my posts, click on the Tweet Button (or the little bird icon) at the bottom and BOOM! It’ll show up on your Twitter profile. So check out the Tweet Button and start sending my posts to your profile today! Check it!


Today’s commenter question: Have you Tweeted, let alone had a Twitter profile? For how long? Do you still Tweet today?

Today’s fact: Twitter was originally codenamed twttr, inspired by Flickr.