Hey guys it’s Sam of Sammwak! And guess what? Have u seen the epic awesome movie Avatar? (Click here for more info) Well, guess what? According to James Cameron himself of July 2010, he said that Avatar is RE-RELEASING!!! How awesome is that?! They’re adding 9 minutes to the re-release, all of CG (computer graphics to you not-knowing-about-abbreviations people out there) which includes stuff like scenes that were cut out in Avatar itself. And guess what? James said that the 9 min. of added scenes cost more than a million bucks a MINUTE to produce and finish. But all this hard work will pay off eventually in Avatar: Special Edition!!! Coming to theatres TOMORROW!!! AUGUST 27!!!

See the experience AGAIN in IMAX 3D


p.s. James Cameron excepts to release two sequels after this. (d^_^b)