Hey guys it’s Sam and you may know my interest in Youtube. Well, do you know Fail Blog? Well, this little Youtube game is loosely bent on that particular blog (much like mine) in this game determining those who are win or fail. So here’s the little breakdown:

Questions are asked at you with 4 seperate answers. Only one determines the true answer (unless you are on a trick question, where every answer is correct). If you click on the true answer, you move on. If not, you will be directly linked to a FAIL, which means you didn’t answer the question correctly and will have to try it again. This continues on throughout the videos until you reach an EPIC WIN, and will lead you to claim your prize. Well, get started!

Comment me how far you went before you dropped to FAIL…or for those who aren’t gonna drop at all…


p.s. There will be no commenter question for this post, sorry 😦