Hey guys it’s me Sam and guess what? You all know Super Mario Bros. right? Well, guess what? These guys called Exploding Rabbit (amusing name, right?) kind of remade this game, but with a tiny little twist: other NES characters (which, yes, debuted in other NES video games) appear in this game too, therefore making this game a CROSSOVER, hence its name: Super Mario Bros. Crossover. And despite the fact that only Mario is involved in this game (that’s right, no Luigi) and should be called Super Mario Brother Crossover, they still added the Bros. anyways. Moving on; the new NES characters are:

Link – Known as the protagonist of the The Legend of Zelda series, he wields a sword and boomerang to throw at enemies, and along the collection of powerups, the potency of the sword’s attacks increase, as well as the distance of the boomerang. He has fundamental control changes (the only one of the game), given the ability to jump, which wasn’t possible in his video game series until Zelda 2.

Mega Man – Known as the protagonist of the Mega Man series, he wields an arm cannon used to fire at enemies (it may take a few fires to vanquish one enemy), which increases firepower as power ups are collected, and can also slide under small spaces.

Samus Aran – Known as the female bounty hunter protagonist of the Metroid series, she now has a gun which she can fire, which gains power when power ups are collected. Samus is also able to turn into a ball and roll through narrow spaces, and can also plant bombs whilst in this state.

Simon Belmont – The protagonist of the early Castlevania game series, is now armed with a whip and axes which can be thrown at foes. The strength of the whip’s attack as well as the amount of axes on the screen increases with the collection of power ups. He can double jump, which wasn’t available in his game series. His jump can also be edited in the ‘Options’ mode to a more controllable ‘easy’ mode.

Bill Rizer – One of the playable characters in the Contra game series, has a gun used to shoot at enemies, which increases in power and spread with the collection of power ups. Even when jumping, he is capable of shooting in eight different directions.

Ryu Hayabusa – The protagonist of the Ninja Gaiden game series, Ryu was added in the 1.1 version. He, as a ninja, is able to use a sword and throw stars, and is capable of climbing and jumping walls.

I’ve played the game myself online, and I gotta say, I’m getting pretty good with Samus, Mega Man, and Mario. Who r u good with? Find out when u play SUPER MARIO BROS. CROSSOVER!!! Click here to play:


And guess who’s good with everybody? The commenter question, which is: Who R u good with?