Hey guys it’s Sam and guess what? You all know what has become a WONDER of the world, the “iPhone”, right? Well, of course, it started out as a 3G. Then evolved to a 3GS. Then evolved into the latest edition, the iPhone 4. Well, I’m here to tell you (in my opinion) the top 5 apps on each of those phones.

#5: Skate It

We’ve maxed out the potential of your accelerometer and gesture controls. Get a real feel of a true skate experience as you conquer the skater nirvana that is “San Vanelona” or roll through real-world locations.

Use the revolutionary touchscreen Flick-it controls to pull off ollies, kickflips, heelflips, Pop Shuvits, and more.

Freeskate as a selected pro skater, or as your own customized guy or girl. Score Personal Bests in Career mode, and get sponsorships and perks galore.

Own challenges and KILL them to get the really good stuff — from new boards to outfits. Unlock fresh skate spots, too. Gain enough gear and create your own killer skate park.


Capture every sick line or epic bail on camera. Replay footage to view your mastery or just for your own amusement.

You can even shred to a soundtrack from your own music library.

Review: Skate It may seem exciting, but it may seem just like another adaption from Tony Hawk, as well as every other. And with few new features, that adds little to Skate It, making it seem like just another skateboarding video game.

Final Score: 54% – Mediocre


#4: Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D

Everyone’s favorite bandicoot is back in this need-for-speed racing adaption.

Race through 12 tracks and various amounts of environments! Race and duel against zany opponents and reduce them to dust with eight weapons.  Tilt and twist your iPhone for a truly “Nitro” driving sensation.

Review: Crash and everyone else are as attractive as ever, adding visuals that keep eyes glued to the screen, some sources of action, and lots of enjoyment, it is definitely worth your time and definitely your money.

Final Score: 72% – Good


#3: 3D Brick Breaker Revolution

Experience a revolutionary brick breaking game that sets a new standard of fun over any break out style game you’ve ever played!

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“Excellent take on the “Breakout” formula. The core game play is solidly intact, but wholly elevated by the ability to move up and down a tower of brick-filled screens. And the game vibrates with style. Highly recommended.”

Review: With stunning 3-dimensional graphics, epic battles, insane power ups, etc., all of these combined make 3D Brick Breaker Revolution a cool, fun, entertaining puzzle brick-breaking game that is definitely worth playing.

Final Score: 85% – Great


#2: Fruit Ninja

All ninjas despise, loathe, and hate one thing…and that thing is…fruit. In this juicy action app, you are a ninja; what you thought was your finger is now a blade, bringing delicious destruction to fruit with every slash. But be careful…bombs can put an explosive end to your adventure!

With over one million copies sold, Fruit Ninja also uses OpenFeint, so players can get achievements and go for the gold at the top of global leaderboards, while getting OpenFeint points.

Your sweet, squishy, and splattery success will please the wise ninja Sensei, who will accompany you with wise words, as well as fun fruity facts.

Get messy…get juicy…get ready…to become a fruit ninja.

Review: Generally praised all over the world, Fruit Ninja not only dazzles those who play it with stunning visuals, slashy fun, and even great facts from a true ninja, but also includes OpenFeint, adding more to the enjoyment. If not amazing, Fruit Ninja may at least be the best fun slasher action game ever.

Final Score: 97% – Superb


And finally…

The moment you’ve all been waiting for…

My #1 favorite app…



Requires iPhone 4
Make beautiful HD movies anywhere with iMovie, the fun, feature-rich video editing app only for iPhone 4. Create a video postcard of your day at the beach and publish it to the web — without ever leaving your spot in the sand. Or make a movie of your child’s birthday party and send it to your parents — while the party is in full swing. With iMovie for iPhone, you can start several projects and finish them whenever you want and wherever you are.

Made for Multi-Touch.
• Tap to add or record video right into your project.
• Drag to trim the lengths of video clips and photos.
• Pinch to zoom the timeline and get a closer look.
• Slide to scrub through the video in your project.

Give it a theme.
• Choose from a selection of themes including Modern, Bright, Travel, Playful, and News.
• Each theme includes a matching set of titles and transitions – plus its own soundtrack.
• Instantly change themes or swap themed elements in your project.
• Titles and graphics automatically update with location data from your video.

Add music and photos.
• Select from included music that matches each iMovie theme, or select from your own song library.
• Enable ducking to automatically lower the volume of background music and highlight audio from video clips.
• Add photos from your own library, or take a picture and drop it into your project.
• Customize each photo with a unique “Ken Burns” panning effect.

Share your movie.
• Export your movie in one of three sizes: Medium, Large, or HD.
• Share your movie on the web in a MobileMe gallery or on YouTube.
• Send your movie to friends and family in an email or via an MMS message.
• Easily sync your movie back to your computer.

Review: iMovie is way more than just a camcorder; you can take your iPhone 4 anywhere, anytime and go into iMovie and start making a home movie. It allows you anything…at anytime; adding music, pictures, anything…this makes iMovie a special video gift for anyone in your family, or friends, or even beyond.

Final Score: 99% – Superb


So how’d you like my little presentation? I know it took long…I apologize. But maybe sooner, I’ll make a Top 5 Worst. Oh, and before I go:

Thanks to the place where I got almost all of my infos from: AppShopper:






So uh anyways…see u later!


Today’s commenter question: Which iPhone app do you think sucks and/or rules?