That’s right. Everybody…prepare yourselves…we have reached the hundred-commenters mark…917, to be exact…at my old site.

You’re probably stupefied and like “WTF was with that dramatic sequence?”

Well, I’m not shizzing around with y’alls. I really have 917 comments at my old site. Just check out and that’s my proof right there.

My site was a nobody, I believe, when I began. But when I abandoned it to my blog today, it must have struck the big time THEN. It’s like Gogh, his art never became famous until after his death. THEN he struck the big time. The highest post I got once was only 72 comments. But then it was my big break when another post got 838 comments! I mean 838? That’s some kind of crazy. Also, on two posts, I got 1 comment and 6. So apparently, 838+72+6+1=I guess, 917. So thank you to all those commenters out there who took their time to comment on my old site…especially you 838 of them. I never thought my site would be such a big hit when it’s abandoned today. Well…I’m still kind of flattered, I guess. Well, uh, see you later.

With all due respect,

Samuel van Gogh (because when I left my site it got famous and…oh never mind.)

p.s. I dreadfully apologize to what I’m about to say, but I will not be answering the comments you sent me anytime now or anytime in the future because whenever I try looking at them, all my site gives me is a ‘404 Not Found’. And I may have to be abandoning my site fully (if not deleting it from the web) because I can’t upload any more posts without my password. So uh…really sorry again, looks like you’re gonna have to get used to this blog.


But still real sorry. 😦