Hey guys it’s me Sam and guess what? You know Fred Figglehorn? You know, that “second-most-subscribed-person-of-Youtube” kind of Fred Figglehorn? Well, he just released a new MUSIC VIDEO! Fred is kind of a singer now besides constantly breaking the fourth wall each video, but anyways he has a new video out. It came out four days ago, and it’s called “Don’t Forget to Brush”. (I know…weird name, right?) Well, it’s mainly about Fred’s horrifying day at the dentist, and how you should always brush your teeth, or else you will “feel the pain of the evil dentist”. It’s directed by Michael Tiddes…?

Don’t call me cuckoo. See the video 4 yourself:

So uh…tell me how it’s like in your, uh, comments.


p.s. Get the song for your iTunes here:


p.p.s. This song, I believe, will be on Fred (or Lucas, whichever way YOU wanna put it)’s forthcoming album, Who’s Ready To Party? Get your copy September 21!

And don’t miss FRED: THE MOVIE coming out September 19…only on NICK!