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Daily Archives: September 4, 2010

That’s right everybody…it’s my 100TH POST!!! Well, actually I have 101 posts, but I’ve only published 99 of them. So, apparently, this is my hundredth post. Hey guys it’s me Sam of Sammwak…another blog of awesomeness and I’m gonna be telling you the great things that have happened recently.

1. Pinball Champion Once Again – That’s right…I’m the pinball champion again! (Click here if ur confused) As u may recently know in a chunk of my earlier posts, that Tumpale had overtook my score in 3d space cadet pinball, making her the pinball champion. But now I’m back with a vengeance, baby! It was just yesterday, while I was playing a simple game of space cadet pinball when my pinball just start rocketing up into places. More and more points I got along the way. Flailing the flippers up and down, I watched my points rocket in enjoyment. And then I was sure I had overtook Tumpale’s score once more with more than 2 million points. But surpisingly, the laptop (I’m not playing on my computer, I’m forced to use this one, so Tumpale gets the computer grr >:() shut down on me, thus probably wiping out my score. When Tumpale heard of this, she laughed. She guffawed. She howled to the moon. But when I started it back up…my points had mystically shot up to THREE million. Not only was I happy, but I was happy. Even though it didn’t make it on the scoreboard, I’m still happy that overall, I beat Tumpale’s score to a pulp. 🙂

2. Raining Money – So I was just about to hit the shower when Dad came up to with my wallet (he has it so no one will take it. <cough> Tumpale <cough>) and literally had me spellbound by the 40 bucks he had (yes, 2 20-buck bills). Also, he had 2 bucks along with that. So that equals 42 bucks, of course. But then he put out another 10 bucks with that, so that means I now have 52 bucks, a few cents, and a Chuck-e-Cheese token my mom ended up pulling out at the thrift shop. But then he said he had another 50 bucks with that. So of course, 52+50=102! In cash! <please insert cash register sound> How awesome is that?! Like, VERY!!! It’s like, EPIC LOL EPIC WIN EPIC :O

3. The Roman Numeral Method – I just figured out how Roman numerals work!:

I – one – unus

V – five – quinque

X – ten – decem

L – fifty – quinquaginta

C – one-hundred – centum

D – five-hundred – quingenti

M – one-thousand – mille

For numbers 4,000+, bars are put above the base numeral, otherwise parantheses are used to place around the numeral, to identify multiplication by one-thousands, although Romans themselves simply wrote out the M’s.

Also did u know that parentheses are more versatile than bars? Like, (II) is more synonymous with MM, but II <please excuse no use of a bar. this post is just dumb> isn’t found. The basic multiples of these numerals follow a pattern.

Find out more at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roman_numerals

So, to celebrate my good name, I will be changing my dull and boring theme to a much more exciting theme! Keep your eyes peeled!

So, uh, anyways I have a few announcements:

I have 371 views right now! Thanks everybody! Keep it up to 400!

I started adding tags right now, so apparently, this is the first post to involve tags.

I just added a new widget (whatever that is) so now you can check my blog stats and see how much [insert plural noun: hits] I have.

So uh check out my new theme. Check out my stats. Check out my tags. Checking out.