Hey guys it’s Sam and have u already noticed how BLING mah BLOG is? It went from dull to delightful, my friend. Well, I’ll tell you the whole story:

A few months went by when I figured out how dull my theme was. No one would enjoy a theme so dumb! I came across something on my little side bar that said ‘Appearances’. Below it said ‘Themes’. I clicked on that, and it sent me to a bunch of themes. I scrolled down, looking for the perfect type until I came across something called ‘Fresh Bananas’. I activated that; and that became my new theme.

But after a while, I took that out and decided that ‘Fresh Bananas’ was ALSO beginning to go dull. I deactivated it and decided to move on. I went back to all the themes, and this time, decided to go alphabetically. Each and every one of them I scrolled past until I found one in the ‘B’ section…Benevolence. It was just a blue, cloud-spangled sky, with grass below it, and below THAT would practically be my blog. But I rejected that as well after a while as well. But when I went theme-hunting one final time, I found something that jumped out at me like a Hunter from Left 4 Dead. This time it was in the ‘A’ section, what I believe was the first one…it was called Albeo. It looked so fun and exciting, so…what’s the word, what’s the word, oh yes…BLISS. I activated that theme and it stayed there. So that’s how I got my rockin’ new theme.

Also, I added a few little thingies called “widgets”. They’re just stuff that add to the blog. The ones I grabbed were:

Calendar – It states to a viewer when I have or haven’t posted a post each month.

Archives – It lets you browse which month to read which posts, and also tells you the amount of posts posted in that month.

Make a Subscription! – It lets you subscribe to my channel by clicking on a button, and also informs you of new posts via email.

Blog Stats – It informs viewers on how much hits I have.

Recent Posts – It informs viewers on recent posts I’ve posted.

Search this blog – It searches the blog to find posts to read.

Twitter – It allows Tweeters to share my posts via their Tweets.


So pretty awesome right? Maybe some new widgets, maybe a new theme. All these and more….later on…maybe.

Now I gotta lend this laptop over to Tumpale for a few minutes.