Hey guys it is me Sam. And guess what? There’s this little Internet phenomena using animals. Cats and dogs to be exact. The name?…Lolcats, and loldogs. You’re probably wondering now, “WTH is a Lolcat and a Loldog?”

Well, here is the answer: It is an image involving a cat/dog with a humorous caption alongside it. The text is supposed to be uttered by the cat/dog. It usually is of poor grammar, because if cats and dogs were meant to talk, this would be their broken English language.

Now the place where Lolcats and Loldogs are stored are a place called Cheezburger.com. (Weird name right? Yes I know) No wonder Lolcats come from the series I Can Has Cheezburger, while Loldogs come from I Has a Hotdog.

And Google Images can’t give me the Loldogs logo, apparently grrrr 😦

So, here are a few Lolcats/Loldogs:


U can go to cheezburger.com and check out more kitteh and doggie, and even create your own Lolcats and Loldogs via the Lol Builder. So yeah, have fun!