Hey guys it’s Sam. And guess what? A few friends just introduced me to a new game I’m kinda hooked with. It’s called Dummy Never Fails. And no it’s not about ventriloquist’s dummies. CRASH TEST dummies. You know like these:

The basics about this game is to launch crash-test dummies against a goal object. But then when they make the odds less fair and they start getting more and more complicated and begin to use stuff like bars of metal that your dummies cannot pass through, so you have to start thinking with dummies to get around. Obviously, I’ve gotten past both games but I am obviously not telling you the answers.

Along the way, you can also unlock skins for your dummies, like mummies, monsters, zombies, polygon mesh, etc.

Also, there are level editors in both games, so then you can create your own levels and send them to Tanoku. No wonder its sequel, Dummy Never Fails: Community, has levels made from not them, but from levels sent from people like us! Too bad you or me didn’t get ours in. But maybe keep your fingers crossed; maybe a Dummy Never Fails III will come out and then we’ll be lucky (maybe)…

Now speaking of “its sequel”, Dummy Never Fails: Community, as I said, involves fan-made levels, and the amount of levels lengthens from around 50 to more than 100. They have all new skins, such as Adan and Eva (Adam and Eve…ftw :D), Power Dummy (Go go Power Rangers ftw :D), rider, Frankenstein, ninja, etc. Now I think number two is more epic-er than number one because the other one was a little slutty. Good thing the sequel came out fresh and prepared like freshly-squeezed orange juice. Now, if you want to check out the games, here are the links:

Here is the first:


And the second:


So anyways have fun abusing dummies!