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Daily Archives: September 16, 2010

Hey guys it’s me Sam once again at Sammwak: the blog that doesn’t let homework lay a finger on mother nature. So anyways, you know my previous post today about GH6? Well, this is about another upcoming album in the rhythm genre, called Power Gig: Rise of the SixString. You’re probably wondering, “Oh so it’s about playing songs. So what?” But it isn’t just about playing songs. Advance into the post and you’ll be crawling back.

Like Guitar Hero and even Rock Band, Power Gig has a guitar game controller that is so close in comparison to that of a real guitar, that even real musicians such as Eric Clapton, Dave Matthews, and even Kid Rock  have been attracted because of the simplicity of the buttoning concept. They have also signed exclusive licenses with Seven45 Studios, the company which developed the game. The game also involves AirStrike, the main drumming system, which includes no drum set, but only drumsticks. The game will detect your movements for the simulation of actual drum playing. Here is someone basically demonstrating AirStrike:

So anyways, and so far, Power Gig has been expected to make a release for the PS3 and X360. A Wii version is also planned. The guitar controller can also be used with compatible games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band. The game does not include FULL-band gameplay, it only includes 3 parts: guitarist, drummer, and vocalist (no bass)A

Anyways check out more Power Gig right here:


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That’s right. The sixth main entry in the now world-famous Guitar Hero rhythm game series is SOON TO come! Hey guys it’s Sam, back on the web at Sammwak: where homework can do no harm to nature.

Now, apparently last night, I came to the realization that I am a computer addict. I was caught (for the 2nd time) surfing the Web by my brother, and almost got my account disabled. So, I’ve decided to spend less time on the computer to avoid the time where my account IS disabled.

Anyways, back to the good stuff. Yes, Guitar Hero 6 is coming around the corner, and is now called Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. Here’s the cover:

Now, according to Wikipedia, this game has 91 songs, some of them including such classics, like Rush’s “2112”, Alice Cooper’s “No More Mr. Nice Guy”, and ZZ Top’s “Sharp Dressed Man”. Now, speaking of Rush’s “2112”, the whole song is featured in the game. Yes, like all 7 parts. And I found out that Quest mode may have venues, such as to this Rush-related venue complete with the Starman logo image.

So yet again, like such games like Guitar Hero World Tour and Guitar Hero 5, this features full-band gameplay. The major game mode will be Quest Mode (such as the image above depicting a Rush-related venue), which will apparently be narrated by bassist for hard rock band KISS, Gene Simmons. Quest Mode is literally Guitar Hero 6’s career mode, and yet it is, where players complete songs to advance the story and game. The main plot about the whole Quest Mode is to release some “Demigod of Rock” with a guitar from being held prisoner by “The Beast”. I don’t know what the game’s like, if it’s going to be win or fail, hit or miss…because it hasn’t come out yet. So anyways, search up more GH6 stuff right here:


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Also, for today’s commenter question: Do u even like Guitar Hero? :/ I’m curious.

And so, GH6 comes out in like almost 2 weeks. And so if you’re a real Guitar Hero, keep your fingers crossed for Sept. 28.


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