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So anyways, you’re probably wondering “WTH is Clazziquai Project?”

Well, Clazziquai Project (claah-sih-kay praw-jekt/claah-sih-kway projekt), or simply Clazziquai, is a South Korean experimental band that uses genres of music like acid jazz, house, and electronic. Their latest albums were their Mucho albums, which were Mucho Musica, Mucho Punk, and the remix albums, Mucho Beat (Korea), and Mucho Mix (Japan).

Here are also some of their earlier albums before Mucho kicked in…

And then remix albums:

So anyways, back to our topic.

I absolutely love Clazziquai, and so does Chris and Tumpale. Chris’s iPhone 4 playlist and iTunes 10 is literally spangled with Clazziquai songs. Here are some of my faves (And give these guys credit, they rly deserve it):

“Fill This Night” – from Color Your Soul

“Prayers” – from Love Child of the Century

Also check out the Shinichi Osawa remix:

“Middle of Life” – from Love Child of the Century

“Freedom” – from Robotica

“Be My Love (English House Remix) – from Color Your Soul

Also, check out the original version, which is from the same album:

And “Beat in Love” – from, obviously, Beat in Love

So you can check out more Clazziquai Project right here:

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So I have a few quick announcements before I go:

Check out Clazziquai’s site! –

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