Hey guys it’s me Sam and guess what? There’s this new video game that’s out named Mirror’s Edge. And yes I know you’re probably bewildered. But for the answer you’ll have to get it and see the little intro they have. Or you can just click-a right here (this is on the PS3, p.s. along with gameplay!):


Now if you see the intro, you’ll learn that there are such things as ‘runners’ in that dystopian society of theirs. And the one you’re controlling, Faith, is a runner. You’ll just be running and jumping from building to building and hanging off of stuff and stuff. But be careful…of course there’s such thing as falling to deaths in here. So don’t goof off…it’ll cost you your life.

This thing is able for the X360, Windows (hallelujah), PS3, and even the iOS. But anyways. Here is some gameplay, a walkthrough of training (8 min.+ of pure awesomeness):


Get the game 4 urself and check it out for real!