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Daily Archives: September 21, 2010

That’s right. Or in this case, RARE!

Hey guys it’s Sammwak, where our posts are so cool, you’ll believe ur a fool.

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Now anyways, as you can read of the title, Judy Moody is having her own movie! Now ur probably wondering either



B: Who the Heck is Judy Moody?

If you would select B, here is who the heck Judy is:

Judy Moody is an ordinary girl with ordinary parents and a definitely EXTRAordinary brother. Here is a picture:

Judy is most famous for her very moods via her mood ring, such as those times where she just has to say “RARE!” or those other times where she just has to say “ROAR!” I myself have personally read a few of her books.

Anyways, back to the movie chiz. Now, anyways, as you already know, a Judy Moody movie is soon to hit theatres. Now, ur probably wondering, “Who is Judy Moody? When is the movie coming out? What’s the movie called?”

Calm down, viewers. Calm down. I’ll have answers to all your pestering questions and more soon.

Now the first question was, “Who is Judy Moody?” Judy Moody will be portrayed by young actress Jordana Beatty. Here is a pic of Megan and Jordana on set:

Now, that’s particularly the only cast member I know. I don’t know who Stink is, or Mr. Todd…wait, I actually do. Mr. Todd will be portrayed by Jaleel White, who played the role of Steve Urkel in sitcom Family Matters. Speaking of Urkel, here he is enjoying some ice cream:

Now, anyways, onto the second question, which was “When is the movie coming out?”

Answer: The movie will hit theatres during the time of summer 2011.

And our third and final question, which is “What’s the movie called?”

Answer: The movie will be entitled Judy Moody and the Not-So-Bummer Summer. Speaking of which, check out the site and sign into Megan’s mailing list (which I accidentally did):


Now, I would say keep ur fingers crossed for summer 2011. And I guess whenever it comes out, go crazy and get tickets.

So, um, thx.


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p.s. In case I forgot 2 tell u, in this case I did (:(), we are celebrating 10 years of Judy Moody! Absolutely fo-diddly scrumdiddlyumptiously RARE! 😀

Check out Judy’s site 4 more of e’rythang that is Judy Moody:


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