That’s right I know it may sound silly but it is true. Hey guys its Sam at Sammwak, where our posts are so cool, you’ll be fooled.

Now, anyways, as of the title, u can see that Fruity Pebbles are EVIL!!! Don’t believe me? Read, my young ones, read:

It was just one night when I believe we had run out of Lucky Charms (my favorite cereal btw) so I decided to have Fruity Pebbles. Worst. Decision. Ever. So anyways, I was eatin….and then I found out that it tasted stanky horrible, and I think I even got a stomachache, so I disposed of it.

The second cereal that has given me a stomachache so far (the first, you can find out if you  click here

Now back to this. This is why I believe Fruity Pebbles are evil, and I was literally self-forced to eat a bowl of some mixed with Lucky Charms (:() Revolting, right? And now, my stomachache has passed, but I am still haunted by a mysterious headache.

So I will never make that mistake again and always ask my dad to buy something else to avoid the deadly Fruity Pebbles on top of my fridge.

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So bye :/

This is Sammwak signing out.